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We, at R-Zu-2-U, have been devoted to our animals and raising their young for over 40 years. All youngsters are hand-raised by us with T.L.C. in our HOME! Sometimes we need to feed very tiny babies every hour, day and night, with as little as 1/2 cc of formula at a time. Infant babies of most species need help from their mother to get rid of their bodily wastes. Because we have become their foster mother, we need to stimulate these babies at every feeding. It takes alot of love, time and dedication to properly hand-raise our babies. It pays off, however, when they grow up to be healthy, strong, confident youngsters that easily adjust to their new adoptive families.

The majority of our animals have been for zoo programs and animal educators.

We are also licensed importers and exporters. Our animal have been diversified and ever-changing.

At the present time, we are not offering any animals for sale except to zoos or conservation groups.

Our ranch is located in South Central Texas. We are a closed breeding compound and not open to visitors.
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