Bat-Eared Fox


The Bat-eared fox, (Otocyon megalotis), is found from mid to southern Africa. Its adult weight is 7 to 12 lb. Its length from head to the base of its tail is 18 to 24 inches long with a tail one-half as long. Its coloration is light fawn underneath with mixed hairs of brown and gray above. It has a black mask and legs as well as black hair on the back of its huge ears. Those ears are its most distinguishing feature. They have keen hearing to catch insects, small rodents, etc. to add to their diet which also includes bird eggs and chicks and some vegetable matter.

Wild bat-eared foxes live in small groups. The gestation is about 75 days with litters of 2 to 6 kits. They are nursed for 14 or 15 weeks.

In Captivity

These fox are avid diggers so their environment must be suitable to prevent their escape by digging. . We feed DRY Mazuri Wild Canid Food (Made by Purina and can be ordered in 25 lb. bags through your Purina FEED store). We often partially soften it with hot water. Although they have one more molar than other carnivores, their wild diet does not consist of hard foods. This food is complete and no vegetables or vitamins need to be added. We understand many people have been successful with Iam's kitten food for some carnivores. We prefer not to feed raw meat to any of our house, companion, educational animals. We feel the animals have a quieter nature on commercial food. We also find that this animal has less odor than when fed a diet of raw meat. We furnish a complete diet and care instructions with all of our animals.

These are wonderful animals for exhibits and animal education programs. We have not made a decision on their suitability as pet- companions at this time.
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Bat-eared Fox


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