There are many species of chameleons, with the scientific genus of Chameleo. They come from Madagascar, Africa, and some parts of the east.

They range in size from 6 inches; to 2 feet on the larger Parsonís.

All chameleons have prehensile tails and 'turret' style eyes that work independently of each other.

They can be nervous at first but rarely bite humans. Males should be housed separately unless it is a very large enclosure. Males are usually more colorful with enlarged head adornments depending on the species.

Feed crickets, butterworms, jumbo mealworms etc. That have been loaded with vitamins Occasionally pinkie mice to larger ones.

Provide bubbling water dishes, and mist the enclosure. Many chameleons will only drink water droplets from leaves or the walls of the aquarium when you mist.

Depending on the species, daytime temperature should be 70-88 degrees and 60-78 degrees at night. Provide basking areas of 85-90 degrees. Expose to natural sunlight or provide full spectrum UV lights to help synthesize Vitamin D-3 and calcium absorption.

They must have the proper temperature to digest food. Under the tank heating pads are a good source of heat.

Humidity should be maintained at 50-60% average relative humidity with good air circulation. No substrate on floor.


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