The Nosey Kids on Our Ranch

Coatimundi (Nasua nasua and nasua narica) are 16 to 28 inches long with a tail about the same length. The coats are black to reddish brown. In this species, the coat is longer than in the other species, but is coarse. The under jaw, chin, throat, neck and chest are off-white. There are dark and light markings on the face. The feet are dark and the tail is ringed. The tail is usually carried upright when walking and is somewhat prehensile on the very tip, used for balancing in the trees. The nose is elongated and extremely flexible.

Their natural habitat is forested and grassy. They are highly intelligent and inquisitive. Their natural diet is varied including both meat and vegetable matter. They are sexually mature at 2 years of age. Gestation is 70 to 77 days with litters of 2 -7. The babies are nursed until 4 months of age, although they forage with the mother as early as five weeks.

Coati's on a walk
Coati's can be taught to walk in a harness.

In Captivity

Having a coatimundi as a pet/companion is like having a two-year old child in many ways. They are extremely intelligent and inquisitive and very skillful with their hands. There are few handles, clips and knobs they cannot master. Because of their propensity to jump from place to place including you, declawing will take some of the sting out of their landing on your thighs or shoulders. This should be done at an early age. Diets include dog food, fruits and meat occasionally. We furnish a complete diet and care instructions with all of our animals.


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