Argentine Horned Frogs


These frogs are also called PacMan Frogs. The scientific name is Ceratophrys ornata. They originated in Argentina, Uruguay and southeastern Brazil. They can grow to 6" with the females getting the largest of the two sexes. Males have dark looser throats and nuptial pads on the inner thumbs. They can be aggressive and bite and should be kept separately. In this environment, they are very hardy.

Feed small frogs small guppy sized fish or small crickets and adults with larger fish and crickets. Feed small frogs every two days, eventually, feeding adults once a week to ten days. Do not overfeed and teach to eat from tongs to prevent consumption of gravel.

Babies can be kept separately in small containers several in a large container divided into sections with PVC pipe pieces. Pairs can be kept together as adults in a 10 gallon tank.

They need clean water, so consider this when designing tank. Sink a shallow dish in gravel that is sloped. Keep temperature around 74-86 in the day and 72-78 at night. Babies should be kept at 80-86. An under the tank reptile heater might be a good source of heat under part of their tank. Do not use chlorinated water. They do not need UV lighting although it does enhance their colors.


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