The genet (we pronouce this jen-it) is incredibly graceful.
The genet (we pronouce this jen-it) is incredibly graceful.

There are 2 genera and 10 species of genets. The aquatic genet (osbornictis piscivora) is in its own genera. The other nine species are in the genera, Genetta. They have an elongated body from 16 to 24 inches long with a tail 15 to 20 inches long. They weigh between 2 and 8 lb. The body color varies from gray, yellowish, tan, with spots from brown to black. One species has rusty spots. The spots vary in size and number with the species. Melanistic (black) individuals are not rare. Some species have a row of erectile hair from the head to the tail that stands up when the animal is excited. Although it is written that they have the ability of emitting a musky smelling fluid from their anal sacs, I personally have never found this to be true of the three species I have encountered.

Genets have semi-retractable claws and resemble an elongated cat in appearance. They are extremely graceful, fast and can bite like heck if they are not hand-raised. They are predatory in nature and eat small animals, eggs, and occasionally some fruit.

We breed genetta genetta which are silvery with black spots.

Genets are mature at 2 years and can produce litters of one to four. The gestation is 56-76 days depending on the species. They can live to 20 years.

In Captivity
Genets can make captivating pets however, they can fit through any opening they can get their head through. Their body is very loose jointed and their head is very narrow. In captivity they are fed chopped meat, eggs, vitamins and some sweet fruits. Declawing is something to consider although they are not terribly destructive. We furnish a complete diet and care instructions with all of our animals.

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