Kinkajou baby at 8 weeks. Not MY fingernails!
Kinkajou kid

The Kinkajou, (Potos flauvus) is about the size of a medium-sized house cat. It is about 15 to 30 inches long with a tail 15 to 24 inches long. The tail is fully prehensile and used as support when climbing and resting. The body is stocky with a dense, almost woolly coat from an olive brown, yellow brown to dark brown. They have rounded ears set slightly lower on the head. The muzzle is usually darker. Their tongue is narrow and extremely long, used to lap nectar and soft pulp from ripe fruits. They consume mostly fruit in the wild, plus bees, honey, nectar and small insects.

They are sexually mature at 18 to 30 months (later in females). They are seasonal breeders in the wild usually having offspring in April and May. They usually have one offspring, rarely two. They nurse for 3-5 months.

Their 1/3" wide. 6" long tongue can pry your lips open to check and see if you've been eating bananas and are not sharing!
Kinkajou baby
In Captivity
These animals make delightful pets/companions if hand-raised from an early age. They are gentle and affectionate. Neutering is recommended for companion animals. Declawing is not necessary if the claws are properly maintained. These animals are generally slow-moving and very agreeable. These animals mark-territory but have no offensive odors. They are very quiet animals although youngsters often 'cheep' for their foster parents. Captive diets consist of fruits, vitamins and dry dog food. We furnish a complete diet and care instructions with all of our animals.


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