Exotic Mice


Striped, Spiney or Pygmy Mice

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These small rodents all require basically the same care. Aquariums with tight fitting lids make good homes. Be sure that in the mesh on the lid is NOT plastic or you will have an escapee in short order, especially dormice. Provide a water bottle with stainless steel spout or a glass tube. No plastic for dishes or water apparatus.

This is an African Spiney Mouse.
Spiney mouse
Bedding can be pine shavings (no cedar!). Give them something for a home to hide in and provide material for bedding. Striped mice like dry grass or hay, the others like a mixture of grass and cotton batting (like for quilts).

Food consists of free-choice rodent blocks and a high quality mice/gerbil seed mixture. You could make this yourself, if you have chickens and horses by mixing whole oats and chicken scratch with sunflower seeds.

This is an Striped Grass Mouse.
Striped mouse

Never pick up a mouse by the tail unless it is very close to the body as they can slough the skin and you will have a bloody, skinned tail to contend with.

They are happy in normal room temperature.

Give them some fresh vegetables and fruits in small amounts. Give them an exercise wheel and tubes and branches to run through and climb on.


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