Baby Prairie Dogs


We no longer sell baby prairie dogs!
No longer available! We are leaving up this page that has some information on pd's we used to have because it might be helpful to you. We have tried to change the wording to reflect that we do not carry them, but may have missed a few places.

Michael J. Foxxxx (fennec fox) and Happy (baby prairie dog) were both orphans and raised together. Natural enemies in the wild, this matter was never brought up between them as they sought comfort in each other's warmth.
Fox & PD

Most baby prairie dogs are collected from the wild and not bred in captivity. Without management, populations could get out of control with man's encroachment on their territories. We like to think of it as "recycling nature".

How do collectors do it? It is a trade secret and there is more than one method. Just ask how yours was caught before you buy.

This is the way we used to do it when we had them:

All babies too young to survive without assistance are lovingly hand-raised by caring people. We are proud to include the following in our prairie dog foster parent plan: loving families, 4-H-ers, senior citizens and some physically and/or mentally challenged adults. The fostering gives added income to their budgets as well as providing expert care on a round-the-clock schedule.

Every baby is immediately treated for internal and external parasites and put on an antibiotic as insurance. We monitor all babies, even if not hand-raised to

When are they available
Our baby prairie dogs were available from April to July.

Which is the best sex?
Both sexes should be neutered in the fall of the year they were born. For example this year's prairie dog babies should be neutered in September or October of 1998. Males tend make the best pet for single person or adult person households. They are more passionate and possessive of their owners. Females tend to be more agreeable with larger families and children. We must state that this is the average and every individual has its own personality. Our animals are shipped straight-run. That means we do not check sexes. Our average has been approximately 50% males and 50% females each year on our total crop. For a small additional charge, we will separate and ship by sex.

Should I get regular or hand-raised?
Babies raised from infants by us on a bottle are available - totally bonded to people - for an additional charge. But you can accomplish a similar feat by yourself in a week to ten days. Instructions are in both of our books.

Are they legal in my state?
Prairie dogs are not legal in some states, although I do not know all of them. I think some of them are Ohio, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts. I am not sure if these require permits or prohibit them entirely. It is up to you to check with your local government officials to see if they are legal. If a permit is required, we will help walk you through the process.

What kind of pet do they make?
You must get a baby prairie dog to have the ultimate prairie dog pet. An adult will never make the bonded companion that a baby makes. Prairie dogs need attention and in fact, they crave it. Without this attention, they will not be a good pet and could challenge you and bite. These little animals are very social and live in family groups in the wild. They will readily accept you as their family if there are no other prairie dogs around. But if you rarely give them attention you will NOT get the type of pet that is loved by devotees of this species.

How much are they and how do I order one?
We no longer carry baby prairie dogs.

How do I take care of a new baby prairie dog?
Often, baby prairie dogs are captured before they are actually weaned so they are not eating solid foods enough to keep their layer of 'baby fat. These babies often lose this layer of fat from the time of capture until they get into your home. They get cold easily and can die quickly. We suggest keeping them warm, in an aquarium with a heating pad under a small portion of the aquarium. Keep the heating pad on 'low' and check it often. It must only be under PART of the aquarium, on the outside, so that the prairie dog can escape to a cooler part of the container if the heating pad setting is too high or malfunctions. We supplement babies with a plastic syringe. Small (5cc) syringes or bird feeding syringes can be purchased in a pet store or from the vet. We mix 1/2 gatorade or pedialyte with 1/2 whole milk - Esbilac for puppies is actually best and feed the pup SLOWLY dripping it into the mouth. Be careful that it does not gasp and aspirate which will mean DEATH if the milk gets into the lungs. Take it slow and be patient. Do this every few hours. Be sure the milk is warm. Putting the baby under your shirt, next to your skin will also warm it but do give it time to be 'outside' and breathe normally. Feed a 6 oz. baby every 2-4 hours depending on its condition. A dehydrated baby will not last long so keep it full of fluids.
Follow the diet in our books to the letter. A baby prairie dog should take 3-5 ml. of this mixture several times a day. You do not have to feed during the night unless it is very dehydrated. In that case it should go to the vet for subcutaneous fluids.
In a nutshell, keep it warm, feed it properly and offer it the proper foods only.

What about care information?
We have two books available to the public. They are the integral part of having and raising a happy, healthy, mentally sound prairie dog.


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