Skinks and Geckos


These are many types of skinks and geckos. The ones we have today are from arid climates and originate from Africa and Asia. They can grow from 3-12 " with the males being the largest of the two sexes. Males have wider heads as a rule. Most of them prefer a sand substrate and warm conditions. In this environment, they are very hardy.

Feed small crickets and mealworms to young animals and adults with larger worms and crickets. Feed young animals every two days, eventually, feeding adults once a week to ten days. Do not overfeed.

Our site has everything, including the kitchen skink.

Babies and youngsters can be kept together in small containers. Pairs can be kept together as adults in a 5 gallon tank. and landscape and create basking areas with rocks, driftwood, cork bark slabs and branches. Bromeliad plants also enhance their environment. Provide a shallow pan of water for drinking.

Day temperature should be 80-90 with nights 68-78. Expose to natural sunlight or provide full spectrum UV lights to help synthesize Vitamin D-3 and calcium absorption.

They must have the proper temperature to digest food. They must have a basking temperature of 92-98. Under the tank heating pads are a good source of heat.


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