Tarantulas and Miscellaneous


Tarantulas can be handled but some will bite or ‘throw’ their hairs. Handling is only recommended by someone with expertise with these animals.

They should be kept in an aquarium on moist bark with a small bottle cap for water. If the top of the aquarium has limited air exchange, the humidity will remain high enough for the tarantula.

Some species of tarantulas are very docile, others NOT!.

Feed youngsters nearly every day, as large of crickets or mealworms that they will easily eat. Larger specimens will eat 3-5 crickets at a time, several times a day.

Keep them warm, and give them a cave to hide in such as a hollowed out piece of Styrofoam over the moist bark.

They will molt several times a year.

What is it! EEEEEEEEK! (millipede)


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