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One-of-a-Kind Rustic Furniture
Item Notes - Click on photos for enlargement. Price
There are three chairs - here are pictures of two of them. All the furniture is similar in color. These photos do not do the items justice and make them look varying shades.  

If you look at the skins in the picture above and the one with the loveseat you will see that they look different colors but are really the same color.


There are two three-tiered tables.

There are 2 coffee tables (left) and two end tables (right). This is an example of each type.  
There is a loveseat and a couch. The piece in the back is the loveseat. the couch is a couple feet longer. In front of this (skull is on it) is the other coffee table.  
  This furniture is in storage and difficult to take pictures of and has not been dusted for some time. There is a large cattle hide on the couch and sheepskins on the loveseat and chairs. This furniture is HEAVY and will need several people to move it.