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Antique books, household items, Watusi cattle skulls, Exotic Animal Information, Exotic Animal Books, Soap, Candle and Floral Craft Supplies

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Antique and Collectible Books, Collectible Items, Quilts, Native American Art, Rock Working Tools, Polished Rocks, One-of-a-Kind Set of Furniture made from Redwood Roots and Animal Skins, Various Animal Hides, Watusi Cattle and other Animal bleached skulls for Western Decor, Hand-crafted Miniature Horse Drawn Vehicles with Bryer Animals, Collectible Knives, US Commemorative Quarters in Rolls

Exotic Animal Books and Free Information and Photos, Animal-Care Related Items, Lots of Used Tack & Equipment for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Exotics, Cages, Squeeze Cages, Pails, Dishes, tons more.........

Soap and Candle Making Supplies, Fragrance Oils, Craft Supplies, Wreath Making Items, Craft Books, Finished Toiletry Items

Exotic Animals for Sale to Zoos and Conservatories. - Sorry, we do not sell to individuals.

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