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Molds & Hard Goods

I am trying to describe these items as best I can. I reserve the right to change anything here in the event I made a mistake or items are sold out. All items sold on first-come, first-served basis and only take Paypal as a means of payment. Thank you so much for looking.

MINIMUM ORDER per shipment $25.00

Ordering info: To order, send email to: esspee160@yahoo.com specifying Lot numbers you want. I have no control on Post Office Charges so please take weights into consideration on any items that will not fit into flat-rate boxes. Whenever I can use the flat-rate boxes I will to help you. I will happily figure shipping one time for each person but I have had people place orders and come back and say shipping is too high and to cut out this or that. It is simply not worth yours or my time to go back and forth..

We take Paypal ONLY. We ship 2 days a week.

For M and P soap bulk and in blocks click here

Some of these items are used and not cleaned as well as they should be. I simply do not have the time to do that and am offering them at a very very low price to move them out.

Item Notes Price
Lot 10: Tiny cookie cutters - I have dozens of types. I will try to make as many different ones as possible in an order.

$.40 for 1 cutter, minimum order in this lot is 25 (9.60)

50 cutters @ .30 each (15.00)

100 for .25 each


s/h 6.75 any lot

Lot 11: Loaf Mold I used these for M and P loaves. I only have 3 on hand $4.00 each
Amber Frangrance/EO Bottles I have TONS of amber bottles on hand that I had oils in. Many are still in original box and not used but many are used and not washed. I would make someone a great price on the lot but they must be picked up here. ask
Hand-carved wooden soap dishes: Randomly packed in lots of 10. Maybe one or both types

Lots of 10 for $15.00


100 for $125.00

Glass Jars and Bottles - many varieties

I have hundreds of jars and bottles of various sizes. Please write for details

Lots 1a, b, c, d

Lots 2a, b, c, d


The following type is in varying styles, our choice

Lot 3 approx 40ml

The following type is in varying colors, our choice

Lot 4 approx 45ml


Please ask

Pumice stones, hand carved

packed in lots of 10 of one type.

Choose either feet, clam shells, snail shells, starfish, fish. Please note that these are hand-carved and vary in size, shape, color and texture. You can (barely) see what the sizes are by the ruler in the last photo.

One lot of 10 of one type $9.50


10 lots for $85.00

Lip Balm Tubes & Larger Body Butter tubes, clear plastic jars with white lids, small hdpe bottles and more

Not the oval tube on left - sold out.

Lip balm tubes on far right - .35 each, min. order 100

Tube in middle - have between 30 and 50 @.65 each. Must take all.


Clear jars with white tops like one on right. Have colored ingredients in photo to show off better. . Have somewhere between 50 and 75. Selling for $1.00 each. Min. Order: 25


Watch for more items!!!



  Click here for floral and wreath supplies  
  Click here for fragrance oils and fixed oils  
  Click here for M and P soap  
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  I inherited lots of old craft type magazines (back to the 70's and 80's even, and 100+ old sewing patterns. There are 35 craft and country craft mags, and nearly 20 old Family Circle type mags that were devoted to crafts plus around 20+ of those 9 x 12 booklet type craft instructions that you pay now about $5-8 for each. Also are 2 boxes (about 10 x 13 x 18) jam packed with old sewing patterns going way back to maybe the 50's to 90's. Maybe someone would want to sell on ebay? I would most likely be able to ship the mags by media mail but not sure. Not the patterns. The magazines weigh about 35-40 lbs and the patterns weigh about 12 lbs per box. If you want to figure the shipping, go to www.usps.com and say from zip code 78934 to yours. I would entertain an offer on the lot or just the magazines or just all the patterns. I considered $25 for all the magazines plus shipping and $25. for all the patterns plus shipping. Or if someone takes them all, $40 plus shipping. I have some more craft publications I will throw in at no charge, if someone takes all. Is that a deal or what? Some of the older mags are larger than they are today. This might be something fun for a person to place on ebay but I just don't have the time. Please do NOT email me asking for an itemized list. That is why I am offering so cheap. Thanks !