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Soap Making Ingredients

Final closeout!!!

All the below are in limited quantity. Please order quickly to insure we have some left.

There is a limited number of each lot and this is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. "Available' amounts are not updated daily.

For M and P soap bulk and in blocks click here

Items are NOT reserved until paid for. MINIMUM ORDER per shipment $25.00

Ordering info: To order, send email to: esspee160@yahoo.com specifying Lot numbers you want. I have no control on Post Office Charges so please take weights into consideration on any items that will not fit into flat-rate boxes. Whenever I can use the flat-rate boxes I will to help you. I will happily figure shipping one time for each person but I have had people place orders and come back and say shipping is too high and to cut out this or that. It is simply not worth yours or my time to go back and forth..

We take Paypal ONLY. We ship 2 days a week.

Item Notes - ADD: s/h per depending on zip code by Priority Mail. Insurance is $2.50 more. Shipped at YOUR risk if you do not select insurance. Price
Citric Acid 17 lbs. Min. order 5# - Will sell for $2.50/lb  
Candle GEL Melt, pour in molds add wick - about 3 lbs $6.00
Isoprophyl Alcohol 1 five gallon can - Pickup only (need to make glycerine clear soap) $25.00
Ethyl Alcohol 2 - one gallon containers pickup only $8.00 ea.
99.5% glycerine 1gallon container and 1 quart bottle


$10.00 qt

White/Silver Mica Powder three one gallon bags* $12.00bag
Various small containers of Mica and dry pigments Many colors in small amounts $50/lot
Sodium Hydroxide pickup only - 15 lbs in tub $40.00
Potassium hydroxide 1 gallon bottle -For liquid or soft soap- pickup only $15.00
Honey Powder 1 gallon container $20.00
Many other soap additives Like glitters, pumice, seeds, ground kernels, etc. write

High Quality Liquid Colorants

Min. order per color - 4 oz.

Avocado, Black, Burgundy*, Chocolate Brown, Forest Green, Grape*, Ivory, Jade, Juniper, Green, Khaki, Leaf, Green, Lemon Yellow, Maroon*, Mint Green, Moss Green, Navy Blue*, Orange, Regal Purple*, Royal Blue, Sea Foam Green, Sky Blue, Super Red*, Teal, Tulip, Red, Turquoise, Violet, $3.00/oz.
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